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Welcome to this website, a central hub for Grishaverse enthusiasts seeking the most up-to-date information. Here, you'll find the latest developments and news regarding Netflix's decision to cancel "Shadow and Bone" and the highly anticipated "Six of Crows" spinoff.

It's truly perplexing that Netflix has chosen not to proceed with such a promising project, especially when we have a team of exceptionally talented individuals, both in front of and behind the camera, already prepared to bring it to life. With a massive and passionate fanbase supporting us, we aim to use this platform to send a clear message to Netflix. We want to emphasize that "Shadow and Bone" not only boasts a dedicated and active fanbase but also achieved remarkable success during its second season. Upon its debut, "Shadow and Bone" season 2 secured a spot in Netflix's global Top 10 in 85 countries. Additionally, the fantasy series reached the second position on the Nielsen charts, with subscribers watching over 1.14 billion minutes, including episodes from the first season. While sources suggest that budget constraints led to its cancellation, we are more than willing to see cost-cutting measures implemented to save our beloved show.

Furthermore, the "Six of Crows" spinoff has the potential to be more cost-effective to produce, and given the popularity of the heist genre among Netflix audiences, we are confident that our character-driven Crows can attract new viewers if given the opportunity. Together, we can demonstrate that there is a strong demand for these stories within the Grishaverse, and we hope that Netflix will reconsider its decision.

What Business

Dear Netflix: Love, the Grishaverse is a passion project from almost 600 fans across multiple social media platforms that took many hundreds of hours of work to be put together into the wonderful book it is now.

A physical copy arrived at Netflix headquarters in Los Angeles on June 12.

We are excited to share what we all appreciate about the books, characters, cast, crew, and the fandom as a whole with everyone and continuing to spread the love for the Grishaverse.

Please enjoy this collaborative effort as we fight for Shadow and Bone season 3 and the Six of Crows spinoff.

Download PDF

or, if you intend to print the book out, click here for the high resolution file.

Attention, Crows and all allies in the Barrel. Our beloved tales of cunning, magic, and heists – "Shadow and Bone" and the much-anticipated "Six of Crows" spinoff – are in peril. It’s time for a scheme, a grand one, and I need every one of you in on it.

Forge Alliances with Signatures: A petition is circulating. Sign it, share it. Each signature is a vote for our survival. We need numbers; we need evidence of our strength.

Dominate the Streets of Social Media: Take over every corner. Spread our cause on your networks – posts, tweets, reels, stories, TikToks. Flood them with our hashtags: #SaveShadowAndBone and #SixOfCrowsSpinoff. Follow our beloved social media team @savethegrisha for our daily battle plans, and consider signing up for Brekkin' News!, our newsletter. More links to our digital spaces here!.

Manipulate the Shadow Market (a.k.a. Netflix Social Media): When you engage with Netflix, remember:

  • Don’t get sentimental. Stay respectful.
  • Three hashtags, no more. Any more and you’re just crowing into the void.
  • Always have your say. Hashtags alone are for amateurs.

Infiltrate Netflix’s Suggestion Box: Strike directly at the core of our challenge.

If you are so inclined, you can also advocate for more "Shadow and Bone," and push for the "Six of Crows" spinoff.

Deploy Physical Tokens: Send them a piece of our world. Origami crows, letters – anything legal. Remind them who we are. Address:

Netflix, Inc.
5808 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(408) 540-3700

Expand Our Territory: Other streaming platforms are fair game. Use this template to write to them. Keep it sharp, and remember, we want our crew intact.

Click on each platform's logo to get the corresponding preformatted letter, and a link to where you can send it!

Enlist the Publishers: We’ve got banners in 36 languages. Send these to the publishers of the Grishaverse books. We need them in our corner.

In summary, we're launching a full-scale operation. Our message to the powers that be: We are many, we are relentless, and we don’t walk away from a fight.

This isn’t just mischief; it’s a declaration.

Here comes trouble...

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