Across The True Sea

The Grishaverse books have been published by dozens of editorial companies around the world in as many countries, and the survival of the TV shows is in these companies' best interest, so they may be willing to be our allies!

One of the ways you can help is by writing to your country's publisher and letting them know about our campaign. We have prepared translations of the campaign banner (which is the same one we're using on billboards in LA and London), and a prewritten letter in english if you need it, all shown below.

Dear [Book Publisher's Name],

We are reaching out to request your collaboration in displaying the "Save Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows" banner on your website, in various languages, and across your social media platforms. This initiative is a testament to the fervent enthusiasm of our fan community and our shared aspiration to expand the reach of these cherished narratives.

By showcasing this banner, we intend to communicate a strong appeal to Netflix, encouraging them to revisit their decision regarding the discontinuation of the series, or to seek alternative collaborations for its continuation. Your participation in this campaign would be immensely valuable and symbolize a guiding light in our venture through the dynamic terrain of the entertainment industry.

We appreciate your consideration of our proposal and your continued support for the Grishaverse.

Sincerely, [Your Name/Organization]